Employment Referral Information

Care Plus Workforce Solutions (CPWS), operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization. Care Plus Workforce Solution’s Mission is to provide employment and training opportunities to the disabled and economically disadvantaged through the offering of products and services to individual customers and the business community. As a subsidiary of Care Plus NJ, Inc., the CPWS Mission is a continuum of its parent corporation, which centers on the provision of excellence in mental healthcare and a commitment to life-long support needed by individuals and their families to ensure they achieve their full potential.  Putting the disabled to work helps individuals live independently in the community thereby living up to their fullest potential.


CPWS understands how difficult it can be for those working with the disabled to find competitive work opportunities for individuals served. At CPWS we have created work opportunities for low, moderate and higher functioning individuals.  Disabled workers are paid at or above the State hourly minimum wage, which remains higher than the traditional sheltered workshop piece rate. As workers advance in their skill set and take on more work responsibilities, they gain the opportunity to increase their hourly pay. We welcome job coaches and case managers at our job sites to assist with the transition to work.


CPWS works closely with Supported Employment Programs, Job Coaches, Case Managers and Healthcare Providers that serve the mental healthcare community. We also work closely with the Commission of the Blind and Welfare to Work Programs, providing work opportunities for those  individuals as well.


If you are working with an individual who is ready to try competitive work, we encourage you to have your client complete and submit our Employment Application. Our Employment Application requires that the Referring Job Coach, Case Manager or healthcare provider complete the “Referring Agency” section of the application and also attach an Employment Reference Letter.  We strongly encourage you to have your client complete the Application with you, to avoid incomplete submissions that could delay a response. We find that the assistance of a Job Coach,  Case Manager  or healthcare provider ensures that the application is completed correctly.


To learn more about CPWS go to  “About Us”  or contact us at  [email protected]


Or call us at  888-362-8700.


Care Plus Workforce Solutions is a subsidiary of Care Plus NJ.

Donations to Care Plus Workforce Solutions can be made through affiliate corporation Care Plus Foundation by clicking the Donate tab.

CarePlus Work Force Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Our Mission is to create employment opportunities to the disabled and economically disadvantaged in our communities.